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Welcome to the Blastech help Desk

 Welcome to our Help Desk, I am TC-410 at your service How may I direct your concerns with BlasTech's Sales?


How do you offer your products?

What is this I hear about customs?

What Stations can you build me?   

NPC's and Weapons

BlasTech is the most commonly associated name with Blasters in the Star Wars Combine Universe. We also take offers for the many forms of customers that have weapon needs. However you should note that the DL line and the DH-17 are some of our Most prominent Designs which will be in stock more than any other(s). Once we have a steady source of them we will start our NPC Squads who can assist you in your Role Playing need's a guards or who are experts at hunting creatures by your side. IF you would like to see how available a weapon your looking for is please send Dane Star a DM with what you are looking for. All our sales come with Complementary Delivery unless stated so and if not are located in Escape Pods or some other place where they can be easily accessed.

As soon as we Receive clearance for a CPM account we will start posting our designs there. 

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Custom Designs

 At the Moment BlasTech Offers Custom Made weapon designs for your favorite blaster on our line. Please Note This is limited to our current Sales, please Send a DM to Dane Star if you have any Questions.
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Station production

BlasTech will be producing Stations from time to time. If you have any questions about such deals please contact Dane Star, We do have access to may different types of stations so your selection is very wide. 

We Now offer Luxury Space station construction at the affordable price of 5 million credits.

We also offer The building of Shipyards for a limited time for 35mil! That's right, five million Cheaper than the CPM average! The process to start the building takes between 1-2 weeks depending on where you want the station built. Please Send a DM to Dane Star for information on station building. 

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