Blastech Industries

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 Greetings. I am PD-432 Owned by BlasTech Industries:

Can I help you with something? 



You might ask what's the benefit of joining BlasTech? Why is it different? BlasTech isn't like other factions, To begin with It was founded on the belief of a completely neutral company that could and would offer positions to anyone who would like to join a group that does more than offer salary. We offer very good pay + Time off for vacations or personal time for yourself. When I first started there were many promises made about a good offer I was getting or I needed special training to do things.. etc. I believe that everyone, with a little training, can be successful. Let us give you the chance to prove it. We have offered Countless ships to new players and as a whole I support the Freelancing Community. We also are entertain ROLE PLAYING scenarios and try to keep our group as fun as possible. Send Our current LEADER or Myself a DM if you want to find out more become a BlasTech member! 

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To begin with please note that at this time BlasTech is:

Hiring for FUTURE contracts as we are fully staffed

Are you wondering why you might choose to be a part of a faction instead of working completely by yourself as a freelance trader. Well then, you should check out our rates and look below for our Benefits:

Are you a great Pilot?

Want A ship? How about a job that includes:

Gunrunning, Smuggling and  Scouting?

Your starting pay is 1.5 million per TWO WEEK paycheck

 Or maybe you need MORE than a week or so off a month? You can get paid 

750k Per WEEK!

The average number of deliveries? 4-5 a MONTH 

*Perhaps your looking for a future in a MIlitary Carrer?

*Perhaps you want to fly and soon OWN a capital ship?

Send a DM to Dane Star to discuss this further!

(* Note we are only looking for Future Military commanders)
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member Policies

Anyone can request a job with BlasTech, As long as they are willing to follow some simple codes or conduct which really should be common Sense. A. all BlasTech Employee's are to be courteous and polite to customers and even those who might be potential customers, keep your tempers in check and remember, It's still just a game. B. Those who do not work Shall not be paid, It was true for the Colonists of Early Virginia and it's very true for us, IF you are not doing what you contract specified you need to do, your job will be put in jeopardy. If we're not currently offering a contract we still allow people to join and work with us. Actually joining our Faction is not always required for a job, you can often work outside of our group especially on assignments such as transporting and art design work.

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How to Join

Blastech Is currently:
 Hiring with restrictions
Blastech hires all comers and does not discriminate about past employers, We need support from members and we are discussing the terms for pay and we are very easy to work with. Perhaps we can find a solution for you, if so send Dane Star A Dm.
Anyone would like to join should follow these steps:
Number one- Find your Character's image, this will be at the right hand of the screen (if you don't immediatly see a picture of your character click the member's menu tab under the login/log out button.)
Number Two- Scroll down below your character's picture and click "Faction" under the "Manage" Tab
Step Three- When the page changes click Join faction (located at the middle to top left hand corner of the screen)
Step Four- Click on the scroll bar and click "Blastech Industries" then write a brief message, a few sentances is fine, about what your skills are and what you would like to do and then click "Send Join request" please wait between 2-24 hours time to process your request and soon Our leader our I will contact you about joining.
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