Blastech Industries


From Dark Beginnings-

Year 11- Dane Star, current owner of Blastech Industries, joined the illustrious government of Mandalore. After a few short weeks of training, Dane decided to put his talents into his new transport company, NCN Corp. After a brief series of successful orders, Dane began to look for other opportunities to further his small business. 
Year 12- At the start of the new year, Dane met Dulgan Swift, a crafty and well educated Duros who also ran a small business. Dane struck a deal with Dulgan--he would transport the weapons Dulgan produced through Swift Arms and Dulgan would get a 10% handling fee. All went well until one of Dane's pilot's ran afoul of a horrible accident. Nearly destroying his ship with all the goods inside, the pilot sacrificed himself to save the huge stockpile of goods on board in addition to the sentients being shuttled to the Centrality Sector. Dane was devastated; his best pilot and very good friend died to protect his customers. It was his duty, he decided, to make sure that no one would ever take advantage of the loyalty of the good men who worked for him. Later, Dane purchased some stocks of Cerberus Cooperation. After looking over them, he realized that nearly every company produced weapons their weapons for a major government or paramilitary organization. Dane decided he would change that, and his dream of an independent company was born. Who would have thought that he would have met with an old friend who had shown him a few changes in history that had rendered a company bankrupt? Many years before he was even born, there was a galaxy-wide company known as BlasTech. They manufactured the weapon designs for nearly every other company and most of the major governments. But after years of internal squabbling the remains of the company had been divided into separate companies. So Dane set out do the impossible, rebuild an eon years old company. After consulting with his friends and employees, Dane bought up the remainder of the stocks that were left of the faction and used his stored up credits to buy datacards of BlasTech design. The Road wasn't easy but Dane was determined. Soon Dane encountered another problem, with many assosiates pushing him to go into the military carrer, this proved disasterous to the company when it tried it's stab at Bounty Hunting. Dane tried his best to sell the faction but Black Sun had infiltrated the Azure Empire thanks to some Leadership errors and they looted the Company of it's current assets. This setback wasn't nearly as bad as Dane's first encounter with Looters So Dane was able to push forward and Start again. 

Present Day- Blastech is now a thriving community of independent traders and operators in addition to a devoted community of members that build, test and transport its goods. After a few weeks of discussion Dane decided to open his doors to anyone from anwhere and now BlasTech offers opportunities for small business owners and It's hardworking Employees alike, It provides the tools for people to help themselves Prosper and Succeed.

Edited by Dane Star [Year 278] 

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