Blastech Industries


Blastech Is divided into four separate parts:

The Administrative Committee- This is the board which controls the major finances of the company, This committee overseas all of the costs required to run Blastech as well as handling the new members and interacting with customers. These are the most visible of the corporation they're the smiling faces you see selling you their merchandise. 

The Production Staff- Where the Administrative Committee is the public face of the Company, the Production Staff is the behind the scenes segment that actually puts together the products and makes sure they are in the best condition for the buyer.

The Security Core- While the Administrative Committee is the public face and the Production staff is the behind the scenes there is one segment our company that you never want to see. The Security Core is comprised of Individuals trained to  eliminate any and all threats to the company silently and effectively. They will soon become a part of BlasTech's Sister Security Company.

  The Pilot Corps- When the Production team finishes the merchandise or the Administrative Committee finalizes a deal, the Pilots spring into action, it's their job to get the goods where they need to go as quickly and effectively as they can. 

Edited by Dane Star [year 278]